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Harness the Power of Predictive Marketing


Discover and target the properties in your area most likely to be sold in the next 180 days with our groundbreaking, cloud-based, predictive marketing platform - SmartScope.

Direct marketing can be a highly-effective source of new business for estate agents - it needs, however, to be done well to generate the very highest return on investment. On average, only 1 in 40 homeowners will move in the next 180 days - meaning without good targeting the vast majority of prospecting letters and emails will not reach their most valuable target audience. 

SmartScope's predictive marketing platform analyses hundreds of data variables on every household in the UK and applies machine learning algorithms to accurately predict which households are most likely to be sold. 

Prospecting letter and email campaigns sent through the SmartScope platform are more than 5x more likely to reach homeowners who will sell in the next 180 days, lowering the 'hit rate' for an average campaign from 1 in 40 communications to 1 in 8! 


Target and effectively market to high-probability prospects in three easy steps:


We use big-data and machine-learning algorithms to identify which properties in your area are most likely to be sold in the coming 180 days. 

Where 1 in 40 prospecting letters or emails would typically reach a homeowner with intent to move in the near future, communications sent through SmartScope reach 1 in 8 high-probability movers.


The SmartScope team create a month-by-month implementation plan of targeted campaigns to get your business the best results. We do the work, so you don't have to. 

In addition to access to every UK household mailing address (used for prospecting letters), SmartScope works with the nation's biggest 'opt-in' email database, enabling highly effective multi-channel campaign marketing.


SmartScope combines the scientifically-proven benefits of behavioural marketing and content personalisation to create high-quality copywriting that resonates with the prospect audience. 

Prospects are engaged with highly-targeted, personalised messages with significantly superior campaign response rates.

More listings. Less Hassle.

Get exclusivity  across the target areas that suit your business

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Predict. Persuade. Profit.

Predictive Targeting

SmartScope ranks households according to their probability of moving in the coming 180 days, enabling agents to focus campaign investment where it will yield the most profitable results:

  • Take your marketing campaign directly to the properties listed as most likely to sell
  • Gain higher return on investment from each marketing campaign
  • Predictive models optimised for each agents local area

Performance Feedback

Our growth seeds your growth, as we build up knowledge over time of what campaigns are most successful for your agency:

  • Integrated performance measurement tools continually collate and analyse campaign data
  • Ongoing A/B testing for continual improvement
  • Benefit as SmartScope continuously learns and improves from every campaign ever launched from the platform

Persuasive Messaging

Targeting the right households is only part of the equation. To generate high response rates and represent your brand in the best light, message content is also key. SmartScope?s predictions mean you will target the right people, but it will be your engaging marketing that takes them from prospect to lead:

  • Bespoke, personalised and compelling content marketing ensures that prospects stop and take note
  • Our in-house team apply trusted, behavioural psychology techniques to all marketing out-reach
  • Our tailored service means your marketing has the personal touch ? friendly and direct

More Vendor Instructions

SmartScope significantly enhances the performance of your direct marketing campaigns, giving you the opportunity to generate additional vendor listings every month:

  • More market appraisals and instructions
  • Gain a competitive advantage in your local market, reaching top prospects before other agents do
  • Greater bang for your buck ? generate a higher return on investment than traditional prospecting campaigns


Turning big data into vendor listings

Predicting home-mover activity requires deep insight and understanding of occupant behaviour patterns as well as local market trends. 

Our team of data scientists build artificial intelligence algorithms that analyse billions of data points across our proprietary UK-wide database, specific to both properties and their occupiers. 

Bespoke models are used for different geographies across the country to optimise predictive accuracy for every postcode – this is important because ‘mover triggers’ may not be the same in Norfolk as they are in Northumberland.

A sample of our many variables

  • Owner occupancy
  • Price trends
  • Time in home
  • Number of children
  • Occupation
  • Marital status
  • Owner income
  • Last sale date
  • Mortgage status
  • Property type
  • Equity in home
  • Spending habits



Self Managed

  • Full access to SmartScope platform
  • Personalised targeting
  • Pre-loaded letter templates
  • Bespoke copywriting
  • Multi-channel campaign management
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager


  • Full access to SmartScope platform
  • Personalised targeting
  • Pre-loaded letter templates
  • Bespoke copywriting
  • Multi-channel campaign management
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager